Progetto integrato – Interior – Arredo su disegno

Osteria del Porto

  • ANNO : 2020
  • LOCALITÀ : Savelletri (BR)
  • CATEGORIA : Restyling
  • PROGETTO DI : Arch. Ing. Dario Flore

Functionalization and restyling project for the historic restaurant based in Savelletri, a few steps from the characteristic fishing port.

Here, husband and wife, joint by love and passion for cooking, delight their customers’ palates every day with aromas and flavors typical of the Apulian tradition. This is why Osteria del Porto represents place that fish lovers can’t miss.

Here the sea and good food create an indissoluble bond.

With this project, the Osteria del Porto acquires new surfaces for a more functional and spacious kitchen, improves the spaces for the preparation of dishes, adapts the air conditioning and controlled mechanical ventilation systems, expands the services and the administration area inside of the room.

In addition to the redefinition of the entire functional layout, the space is revisited and characterized by blue and white metal panels, equipped for the display of wines belonging to the great local, historic and new companies labels. A part of the paneling perfectly integrates the Longoni wine cellars, where the wines are kept cool.

The service doors are designed with riveted portholes that recall the compartment doors used inside ships. In the entrance we wanted to give greater prominence to the wooden counter, through simpler shapes and clean lines. The glassware made up of goblets and glasses hanging from the ceiling completes the counter area, giving even greater brightness to the back counter.

Outside, the terrace remains the strong point of the Osteria: the sea is right there, just a step away.

All that remains is to book and prepare to taste the fresh fish specialties with a glass of good wine.




Savelletri (BR)




Arch. Ing. Dario Flore