Which parquet to choose?

Use of parquet

Parquet is one of the ever-present trends in interior design, it is the dream of many customers who decide to renovate and give a more refined and comfortable look to their home.

In fact, wood is a material with a significant aesthetic impact, capable of giving the rooms a refined, more classic, chic or modern style depending on the chosen shade.

On the market there are various types of parquet (honed, solid, laminate …), different processes (sawn, sandblasted, rounded and brushed) laying techniques (floating or glued) and numerous essences and finishes.

There are many aspects to evaluate before purchasing and you must always keep in mind the type of environment in which you will be laying, to find the type that best matches your needs or that requires easier maintenance.

For the home of our customer we have chosen a type of brushed oak parquet, unique series, for a particularly natural and modern effect, which perfectly matches the mood of your home.